Ford Product of the Month
Hall of Fame

These are the cars that have graced our front page beginning July, 1999.
They were selected both for the quality of the car and the good nature of the member.

July 1999

Gary Tracy's '69 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Gary's Photo Page

August 1999

Troy's '70 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Troy's Photo Page

September 1999

kwazykat's {Kaylin Mcgee} '67 Mercury Cougar Dan Gurney Special

Kaylin's Photo Page

October 1999

Moneymaker's {Alex Denysenko} '65 Mustang

Alex's Photo Page

November 1999

Deke's '73 Mustang Convertible

Deke's Photo Page

December 1999

blown289's {Dave C.} '66 Shelby GT-350 Clone

Dave's Photo Page

January 2000

rfedd's {Ron Feddema} '65 Mustang Fastback

Ron's Photo Page

February 2000

submariner mustanger's {Craig & Deb Alexander} '69 Mach 1

Craig's Photo Page

March 2000

TomP's {Tom Posthuma} '64 Fairlane T-Bolt clone

Tom's Photo Page

April 2000

Ken&Shell's {Michelle and Ken} '63 Galaxie

Shell's Photo Page

May 2000

Daniel Jones' '74 Pantera

Dan's Photo Page

June 2000

PONYMAN's {Rick Cantwell} '72 Mustang Mach 1

Rick's Photo Page

July 2000

Ben Mandell's '72 Mustang Sprint Convertible

Ben's Photo Page

August 2000

kwazykat's {Kaylin Mcgee} '67 Ranchero

kwazykat's Photo Page

September 2000

kcode's {Mike & Becky Golliver} '65 Hi-Po Coupe

Mike&Becky's Photo Page

October 2000

RonnieT's {Ronnie and Twila Tullier} '70 Torino GT

RonnieT's Photo Page

November 2000

Mike's {Mike Dixon} '94 Mustang GT Convertible

Mike's Photo Page

December 2000

Sam's {Sam Smith} '68 Mustang Fastback

Sam's Photo Page

January 2001

PhatFalcon's {Tom Day} '60 Pro-Street Falcon

Tom's Photo Page

February 2001

Rory McNeil's '78 Fairmont Race Car

Rory's Photo Page

March 2001

Mustang_Geezer's {Doug Leach} '66 Mustang Coupe

Doug's Photo Page

April 2001

Bud Brazinski's '69 428CJ Coupe

Bud's Photo Page

May 2001

Richard Swart's '68 Cougar GTE

Richard's Photo Page

June 2001

Harrys65's {Harry Straub} '65 Mustang Coupe

Harry's Photo Page

July 2001

fly75's (Marv Brown) '68 Mustang California Special

Marv's Photo Page

August 2001

revenge's {John Holloway} '77 Mustang Cobra II 'Revenge'

John's Photo Page

September 2001

kid vishus' {Robert Hetzler} '69 Mustang Sportsroof

Rob's Photo Page

October 2001

Epperstang's {Joyce and Mike Epperson) '66 Pink Playboy Coupe

Joyce's Photo Page

November 2001

7DMach1's {Ray Jermyn} '70 Mach 1

Ray's Photo Page

December 2001

Dave and Terri Gibson's '65 Mustang

Dave and Terri's Photo Page

January 2002

Big D's {Don McDonald} '66 Mustang

Don's Photo Page

February 2002

Butch Jennings's '67 Mercury Comet Cyclone

Butch's Photo Page

March 2002

cpmaverick's {Charlie Ping} '70 Maverick Grabber

Charlie's Photo Page

April 2002

capri man's {Mike Reynolds} '81 Capri

Mike's Photo Page

May 2002

Ken's '65 Mustang Coupe

Ken's Photo Page

June 2002

Ked's {Kedra Sheppard} '94 Mustang GT Convertible

Ked's Photo Page

July 2002

MLariviere's {Mike Lariviere} '72 Torino Coupe

Mike's Photo Page

August 2002

Ozian's {Ian Chapman} '79 Mustang Indy Pace Car

Ian's Photo Page

September 2002

70 Pony's {Eddie D} '70 Mustang Sportsroof

Eddie's Photo Page

October 2002

IIGood's {Frank Shannon} '03 Mustang GT

Frank's Photo Page

November 2002

V8 Thumper's {Todd Adams} '65 Mustang GT Coupe

Todd's Photo Page

December 2002

Ponygirl67's {Donna Holland} '67 Mustang Coupe

Donna's Photo Page

January 2003

1trickpony's {Dave Jedd} '69 Mach 1

Dave's Photo Page

February 2003

Steve and Melissa's '66 Mustang Coupe

Steve and Melissa's Photo Page

March 2003

70boss302's '70 Boss 302 Mustang

Bill's Photo Page

April 2003

fastford34's {Keith Melcher} '34 Coupe

Keith's Photo Page

May 2003

Dad Vishus's {Tom Hetzler} '63 Falcon

Tom's Photo Page

June 2003

ctastang's {Carole Carbone} '66 Mustang

Carole's Photo Page

July 2003

BlueMule's {Paul J. Schorm} 2000 Lightning

Paul's Photo Page

August 2003

johnmustang's {John} '65 Mustang fastback

John's Photo Page

September 2003

Ralph Rebandt's '68 Mustang Convertible

Ralph's Photo Page

October 2003

sigtauenus's {Sam and Casey Griffith} '03 Mach 1

Sam and Casey's Photo Page

November 2003

BLstangin's {Brandon Lokre} '70 Mustang Coupe

Brandon's Photo Page

December 2003

Tea'sGrabber's {Todd E Aure} '71 Maverick Grabber

Todd's Photo Page

January 2004

cobravenom71's {Kit Sullivan} '71 Mustang Mach 1

Kit's Photo Page

February 2004

Kellxr7's {Kel Schulkowsky} '68 Cougar

Kel's Photo Page

March 2004

45Shooter's {Stuart Foster} '67 Mustang Coupe

Stuart's Photo Page

April 2004

Clark's {Clark Rodgers} '69 Mustang Sportsroof

Clark's Photo Page

May 2004

JSracing's {Jerry Smith} '69 Mustang

Jerry's Photo Page

June 2004

ekbeanctr's {Ernest Knepp} '65 Mustang Fastback

Ernie's Photo Page

July 2004

69maverick's {Jim Bowden} '70 Maverick

Jim's Photo Page

August 2004

Fastymz's {Ron AKA Scoop} '65 Mustang Coupe

Ron's Photo Page

September 2004

Moneymaker's {Alex Denysenko} '88 ASC McLaren Mustang Convertible

Moneymaker's Photo Page

October 2004

MrWesson22's {Neal Kitchen} '69 Mustang Grande

Neal's Photo Page

November 2004

Epperstang's {Joyce and Mike Epperson) '66 GT K-code Convertible

Joyce & Mike's Photo Page

December 2004

73torinoqcode's {Bill Mort} '73 Gran Torino Sport

Bill's Photo Page

January 2005

BCR's {Bob Carr} '68 Mustang

Bob's Photo Page

February 2005

gmliebau's {Ed Liebau} '65 Mustang 2+2

Ed's Photo Page

March 2005

RickS's {Rick Schmidt} '69 Boss 429

Rick's Photo Page

April 2005

69 Sportsroof's {David and Teresa Gillenwaters} '69 Sportsroof

David and Teresa's Photo Page

May 2005

CometGT1974's {Stephen Moore} '74 Comet GT

Stephen's Photo Page

June 2005

Dreamcometrue's {Rino Durette} '69 Mustang coupe

Rino's Photo Page

July 2005

Kyle's {Kyle Laramore} '70 Mach 1

Kyle's Photo Page

August 2005

Toronado3800's {Marc Matusiak} '68 Mustang

Marc's Photo Page

September 2005

AKBOSSMAN's {Wayne Curtis} '05 Mustang GT

Wayne's Photo Page

October 2005

GregK's {Greg Kreps} '68 Mustang coupe

GregK's Photo Page

November 2005

dhearn's {Dennis Hearn} '69 Mustang Mach 1

Dennis's Photo Page

December 2005

frdnut's {Willy Baragar} '66 Mustang

Willy's Photo Page

January 2006

427Fastback's {Cory Ellwyn} '68 Mustang fastback

Cory's Photo Page

February 2006

66fstbck's {Alan Bell} '66 Mustang Fastback

Alan's Photo Page

March 2006

Big Mach's {Hans Olsson} '71 Mustang Mach 1

Hans' Photo Page

April 2006

Steve-UK's {Steve} '66 Mustang

Steve's Photo Page

May 2006

f100cleveland's {Dustin Rinne} '82 F-100

Dustin's Photo Page

June 2006

Blacksmith's (Joe Boland) '65 Mustang Fastback

Joe's Photo Page

July 2006

Senzstang's {Phil Senz} '65 Mustang fastback

Phil's Photo Page

August 2006

Jay67fast (James Ilardo) '67 Mustang Fastback

Jay's Photo Page

September 2006

Prostreeter's {Steve Alley} '69 Mustang Sportsroof

Steve's Photo Page

October 2006

73trials' {Erwin Chautin} '06 Mustang Pony

Erwin's Photo Page

November 2006

Barry70Stang's {Barry Tindell} '70 Mustang Sportsroof

Barry's Photo Page

December 2006

RancheroSandraGayle's {Derek Bivens} '67 Cougar

Derek's Photo Page

January 2007

stangfan's {Steve Cracknell} '03 Mach 1

Steve's Photo Page

February 2007

Bob6364's {Bob Urban} 2002 Saleen 281SC #408

Bob's Photo Page

March 2007

5510's {Fred Senkow} '68 Mustang

Fred's Photo Page

April 2007

bgseib's {Brian Seib} '65 Mustang Fastback

Brian's Photo Page

May 2007

UnbridledFury's {George Ftikas} '75 Mustang II

George's Photo Page

June 2007

Scott H's {Scott Hamilton} '66 Mustang GT Hardtop

Scott's Photo Page

July 2007

bud4660's {Bud} '67 Mustang fastback

Bud's Photo Page

August 2007

M.A.V.'s {Mike Vaughn} '72 Maverick Grabber

Mike's Photo Page

September 2007

afret's '69 Mach 1

afret's Photo Page

October 2007

Hwyman's {Greg Whitman} '02 Mustang GT

Hwyman's Photo Page

November 2007

wadeb3's {Wade Beauchamp} '67 Mustang Fastback

Wade's Photo Page

December 2007

clevelandstyle's {Ben Hoffman} '70 Mach 1

Ben's Photo Page

January 2008

jmgford's {Jack Grice} '66 Fairlane

Jack's Photo Page

February 2008

Earle Holt's '89 Mustang LX convertible

Earle's Photo Page

March 2008

Epperstang's {Joyce & Mike Epperson) BOOMER ~ 2007 GT California Special

The Epperson's Photo Page

April 2008

Mark T 7724's {Mark Tallent} '65 Mustang SS/L Coupe

Mark's Photo Page

May 2008

ciscokid's {Bill Harris} '71 429SCJ Mach 1

Bill's Photo Page

June 2008

Dave_C's '08 Shelby GT500

Dave's Photo Page

July 2008

Built351c's {Dave Forsman} '69 Mustang Mach 1

Dave's Photo Page

August 2008

rmousir's {Richard} '66 Mustang coupe

Richard's Photo Page

September 2008

strokerman's {Den Wiedman} '69 Mustang Mach 1

Den's Photo Page

October 2008

427GT500E's {Steve Alley} '67 Mustang GT500E

Steve's Photo Page

November 2008

gjz30075's {Greg Zelazek} '66 Mustang GT fastback

Greg's Photo Page

December 2008

2BAD6568s's {The Leighty's} '65 and '68 Mustang Coupes

The Leighty's Photo Page

January 2009

regalsnake7887's {Rick Lovelace} '78 Mustang King Cobra II

Rick's Photo Page

February 2009

frdnut's {Willy Baragar} '68 Mustang Sprint

Willy's Photo Page

March 2009

Mooney's {Luke} '98 Mustang Cobra

Luke's Photo Page

April 2009

Joe Grippo's '70 Mach 1

Joe's Photo Page

June 2009

jspagna1's {Joe} '66 Mustang Coupe

Joe's Photo Page

July 2009

Dave_C's BBF Dragster

Dave's Photo Page

August 2009

trashline's {Brian Stanton} '65 Mustang coupe

Brian's Photo Page

September 2009

fast63's {Jeff Heeg} '63 Fairlane

Jeff's Photo Page

October 2009

Wicked Toy's {Scott Akom} '65 Mustang Coupe

Scott's Photo Page

November 2009

Stangfan's {Steve Cracknell} '68 Mustang Coupe

Steve's Photo Page

December 2009

kcode's {Mike & Becky Golliver} '66 Mustang Convertible

Mike & Becky's Photo Page

January 2010

capri man's {Mike Reynolds} '73 Mach 1

Mike's Photo Page

February 2010

70SportsRoof's {Gary Mijares} '95 Mustang GT

Gary's Photo Page

March 2010

Dave and Terri Gibson's '66 Mustang Coupe

Dave and Terri Gibson's Photo Page

April 2010

jmgford's {Jack Grice} '70 Maverick

Jack's Photo Page

May 2010

45 Shooter's {Stuart Foster} '51 Ford F1

Stuart's Photo Page

June 2010

Stangfan's {Steve Cracknell} '90 7-UP Edition Mustang

Steve's Photo Page

July 2010

9 Mach1's {John Carson} '69 Mustang Mach 1

John's Photo Page

August 2010

Poppy65's {Greg Dancer} '65 Mustang

Greg's Photo Page

September 2010

sigtauenus's {Sam and Casey Griffith} '68 Mustang fastback

Sam's Photo Page

October 2010

Dwayne's {Dwayne McBride} '71 XLT Ford Pickup

Dwayne's Photo Page

November 2010

regalsnake7887's {Rick Lovelace} '67 Mustang GTA

Rick's Photo Page

December 2010

66fstbck's {Alan Bell} '99 35th Anniversary Mustang GT Convertible

Alan's Photo Page

January 2011

fiveoh108's {Mike Thomas} '64 Fairlane 500

Mike's Photo Page

February 2011

Mark Ugrich's '65 Mustang

Mark's Photo Page

March 2011

afret's '69 B/SA Mustang

afret's Photo Page

May 2011

68flashback's {Gregg King} '68 Mustang coupe

Gregg's Photo Page

June 2011

cynot65's {Tony Connelli} '65 Mustang Convertible

Tony's Photo Page

July 2011

horseballz's {Gene Salvaterra} '68 Mustang Coupe

Gene's Photo Page

August 2011

Dwayne's {Dwayne McBride} '70 Ranger XLT

Dwayne's Photo Page

September 2011

johnny 4-speed's {John Donohue} 2012 Mustang Boss 302

Johnny's Photo Page

October 2011

My427stang's {Ross Bullock} '70 Mustang Sportsroof

Ross' Photo Page

November 2011

BarrysGrrl's {Beth Kieffer} '89 Mustang GT Convertible

Beth's Photo Page

December 2011

slow-poke's {Jeff} '65 Mustang fastback

Jeff's Photo Page

January 2012

sodi's {Jim Soderberg} '70 Mustang Mach 1

Jim's Photo Page

February 2012

fred's {Fred Pocius} '68 Mustang coupe

Fred's Photo Page

March 2012

70 Pony's {Eddie D} '66 Mustang coupe

Eddie's Photo Page

May 2012

mtacqua's {Andrew Tacquard} '66 Mustang Coupe

Andrew's Photo Page

June 2012

Moneymaker's {Alex Denysenko} Record Holding
SS/LA '65 Mustang K-Code Coupe

Alex's Photo Page

July 2012

67 Fastback's {Jerry} '67 Mustang Fastback
Jerry's Photo Page

August 2012

45Shooter's {Stuart Foster} '51 Ford F1
Stuart's Photo Page

September 2012

RonnieT's {Ronnie and Twila Tullier} '69 Mustang Mach 1
Ronnie's Photo Page

October 2012

Stangfan's {Steve Cracknell} '68 Mustang California Special
Steve's Photo Page

November 2012

ford84stepside's {Bobby Atkins} '74 Maverick
Bobby's Photo Page

December 2012

BlueMule's {Paul J. Schorm} '70 Mach 1
Paul's Photo Page

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