rmousir's {Richard} '66 Mustang coupe

1966 mustang with ###### miles on the dash.  I am sure it has gone over at least once.
Originally Gold with Black interior, 289 2v with a 3sp standard transmission. I was going to pick up the car on March 5, 2004 but my wife went into labor with my daughter.
I tried to convince her to let me go get it anyway but my wife wouldn’t go for that.
So I picked up the car a week later. I drove it about 3 hours home with no
heat and shot suspension during a freezing rain storm all the way home.
I was cold but it was fun. I got the entire car for $4,500.00. ENGINE Current: -’95 302 HO from a Mustang GT convertible. -Offy 360 Alum intake -Edelbrock 4bbl carb -Pertronix Igniter -Electric Fan Future: -Splash shield -7qrt oil pan TRANSMISSION Current: -C4 Future: -Possible AOD REAREND Current: -3:0 open Future: -3:50 with traction loc EXHAUST Current: -Coated Headman long tube headers -2.25” summit duel exhaust with turn downs before the rear axel Future: -‘H’ cross over pipe -Either GT exhaust through the rear valance or exit in front of the rear tires SUSPENSION Front Current: -KYB shocks -1” sway bar/poly bushings -Daze Roller perches (still to be installed) -Monte Carlo bar -Export brace -Daze adjustable strut rods (under construction) -620 Grab-A-Track coil springs Rear Current: -KYB shocks -1.25” NPD alum drop blocks -4.5 Grab-A-Track leaf springs/poly bushings -Shelby style traction bars (still to be installed) Front Future: -new upper ball joints -new lower control arms Rear Future: -Sub frame connectors BRAKES Front Current: -Scarebird Disc brake conversion -1974 Maverick Dual m/c Rear Current: -Stock drums -all new lines in the front Rear Future: -10x2.5 drums WHEELS & Tires Current: -14” American Racing rims (or look a likes) -205/70R14 (old, dry rot tires) Past: -2004 17” Ford Mustang Bullitt rims -205/45r17 front – 245/45r17 rear -1” alum spacers Future: -15x7 or 16x7 Alum Rims/Undecided -225/50R15 INTERIOR Current: -Blue and Black -’96 Mustang Cobra buckets -old stock interior -New floor pans and patches through out the floor of the car -PORed the entire floor Future: -White faced gages -Shelby gage pod -Some custom parts EXTERIOR Current: -Blue with white Shelby stripes -PORed underbody (In progress) Future: -Fresh Paint and body work. Color is up in the air, maybe white? -Shelby racing valance with bumper -Shelby side scoops -’67 Shelby style hood for ‘66 MODS -Ram air set up (not complete, not installed) I have slowly been learning about my car and the different projects that I want to do with it.
I have constructed a plan and have been slowing working at it a little at a time.
There is still lots to do but it is coming along nicely thanks to the folks on Mustangsandmore.com.
Here's Richard's e-mail address.
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