Wicked Toy's {Scott Akom} '65 Mustang Coupe and
'00 Mustang GT Convertible

When I got this car, the exterior was finished but the interior was
completely gone. It has a 302 from a late 70's Lincoln that has been
built into what you see in the picture. Parts include a 600 Holley,
Stealth Intake, Comp Cams 268 cam, 5.0 H.O. Heads that have been fully
ported and polished with smog hump removed, ceramic headers,
hypereutectic pistons in a .030" overbored block.
The car has a C-4 and a 2.8 rear, soon to changed to a Trac-Loc 3.40

Here is the wife's toy. New 2000 GT Convertible.

Here is Scott's Email.

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