BCR's {Bob Carr} '68 Mustang

Iron CJ heads with 2.250-1.760 valves on 466 with TRW 2443 pistons, floated pin
truck rods, .010-.010 cast crank, CJ/police oil pump, Canton CJ copy oil pan,
special flat tappet, 268-282 @ .050, .676-.688 Bullit cam 110 LS on 106 C.L.
Offy PortOsonic intake port matched to CJ size, cloverleaf removed, blended
to ports by Ken Moe. Out of box (PV removed & rejetted) 950HP alky carb with
BG400 pump in rear of car. PG trans, 5300 stall, 4.86 gears, 16X32 tires.
Leave on 3800, shift on 5800. Car is all steel except hood scoop, weighs 3076lbs
with me in it, ladderbars on backhalved chassis, stock front end. Front springs
are for 289 car with limiters & stock shocks (well worn). MSD 7 ign. with timing
35 to 40 depending on traction etc. Home built headers by friend & me, with 2in
pri & 5 in collecters. Low maintenance engine uses stock bearings, rings & gaskets.
Simple & straightforward, no high dollar nothing.
I believe in the KISS rule, (K)eep (I)t (S)imple (S)tupid!

Here's Bob's e-mail address.

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