horseballz's {Gene Salvaterra} '68 Mustang Coupe

This is what my '68 Coupe looks like after sitting in my side yard for more than 2 years, waiting for it's transformation.
It's originally a (very tired and sleepy) 289 2bbl, 3-speed stick with manual steering, manual drum brakes, 2.79 (lame)
gears and factory A/C. It's getting a new 5.0 with GT40 "P" heads/B303 cam/ 1-7 ratio roller rockers/Perfomer RPM/Holley
Street Avenger 570 or 670 (not sure and still looking for advice on this)/Mallory Ignition/Tri-Y coated headers and T5
with probably a hydraulic clutch setup. Hopefully front disc brakes and a suspension upgrade will be done at the same time.

This is how I drove the car for 2 years before parking it. I will try to post pics of my progress, if for no other reason
than to show off aspects of my absolutely rust free and never been hit "Pride and Joy". LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!

Here's Gene's e-mail address.

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