sigtauenus's {Sam and Casey Griffith} '68 Mustang fastback

'68 Mustang fastback, J-code 302 4-v, factory 3 speed originally, it currently has a 5.0L block,

5 speed transmission, and Fox body GT seats, all purchased from M&M member TomG.

It was built March 9, 1968 with gulfstream aqua paint and a black interior, but I always liked
highland green better, and my wife Casey picked the parchment interior color to go with the
green paint. Bob Mihalcik in Bechtelsville, Pa did the bodywork and paint for me, and I did
the rest of the restoration myself.

It was bought in North Carolina and after a year restoring it (the first time), it was used as a
daily driver during 3 years of college at Penn State, a year in Quantico, VA, a year in Pensacola, FL,
a year in Meridian, MS, a year in Lemoore, CA, and 2 years in Beaufort, SC. Needless to say it has
travelled much of the US. While in Beaufort it was hit while parked on a street and put in storage.
It was moved to Virginia Beach, VA and disassembled for the second restoration which took 5 years
to complete. As soon as the restoration shakedown is complete (there are always a couple gremlins)
it will be put back into daily driver status.

It had 55,000 original miles on it when I bought it and it now
has over 130,000, so it definitely qualifies as a daily driver.

Here's a YouTube video of the '68 Mustang's maiden voyage after a restoration in 2010.

Here's Sam's e-mail address.

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