Toronado3800's {Marc Matusiak} '68 Mustang

This spring at Gateway International my passenger rear tire put on a show undercoating my quarter in rubber.
It hit the 1/4 at 95 mph but took an embarrassing 15.6 seconds to get there with the open axle and 3.10ish gears.

Here is the car after I inherited it. In 68 it was a green 289 cruiser, but I never saw the 289,
the original paint, the factory A/C or tons of other parts making the decision to go restomod easier.

I drive the car about 400 miles a month. This picture was taken after
the conversion to manual steering. Both times the pressure hose failed
was in my driveway, but there's only so many fires I could allow these
busting hoses to start on those Hooker ceramic coated headers!

All the seats were resewn and a hiphugger console set in place.
The tach case was hand sewn by my girlfriend onto half a tupperware
bowl, and yes, I need that tiny steering wheel for leg clearance.

A 351W with TRW 10:1 Pistons, a 265 split duration comp cam, Performer Carb,
and Performer RPM intake now sits under the hood. The points have been
replaced with an Accel Distributor. A four core radiator cools the engine
and some power is drained by that Vintage air compressor hanging on the top right.

The suspension bridge in back of the car is the Clark Bridge in Alton, IL.

The shocks and springs are factory replacements. In the corners, the fattest sway bars and polygraphite bushings P-S-T had to
offer help hold the car off the 215/60/15 & 265/50/15 Radial T/As. The rear 15X8.5 Torq Thrust Ds have 4 3/4 inch back spacing.

Here's Marc's e-mail address.

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