ctastang's {Carole Carbone}
'66 Mustang, '99 Mustang, and '06 Mustang GT

This is John & Carole Carbone's '66 coupe. It was built in December, 1965 in Metuchen, DSO Charlotte, NC. 'Stang lived in NC until 1991 when Wesley Porter of Suffolk, VA inherited his aunt's car and started the restoration. We purchased it in March 1998. 'Stang is a 289 C code with automatic transmission. The color is Arcadian Blue exterior and standard blue interior. She has few other options - a nice uncomplicated Mustang. I like to drive her back "home" to NC for car shows. We were given all of the original paperwork (window sticker, DSO document, sales receipt, owners manual and warranty card) and photos of the restoration process.

These two photos were taken at a North Carolina show June 3, 2000.

Here is the '99 Mustang Carole bought in October '01

Carole has named the car 'Anni.'

Here's Carole's new '06 GT, which she has named 'Windy.'

Carole Carbone
Virginia Beach, VA

Here's Carole's e-mail address.

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