kid vishus' {Robert Hetzler}
'69 and '70 Mustang SportsRoofs

The red car is my '70 fastback that I call my street car.
The car isn't really a Boss, just has the stripes.

This one is from Sunday of The World Series from Cordova. It was the
first time trial and the dial in is from the final round the nite before.

This one is from the staging lanes at Eddyville, we just had an oil down
and that's why I'm walking away taking my jacket off.
That's my father hamming it up next to the car.

These two are construction shots. Notice in the first, that all the inner
fender is removed from the shock tower forward including the radiator
support. We made a support out of aluminum. The second shot is from when we
were rewiring the car. It was a lot easier to get to stuff with the door off.

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