Dad Vishus's {Tom Hetzler} '63 Falcon

The car is a tube chassis 63 Falcon with a steel body except for the hood and trunk lid.
The chassis is an Alston kit. Engine is a 377" stroker Cleveland with a Crower steel crank,
Oliver billet rods and Wiseco pistons at 13:1. Induction is a Flying toilet on Alchohol on a
Holley Strip Dominator into closed chamber 4V heads. Trans is an Ultrabell Glide into 4.86 gears.

The car has been primarily run in Hot Rod/Super Street recently. It runs in
the 6.30s at 106 on the 1/8 mile and low 10s at 134 on the 1/4 off the stop.

I'm really looking forward to next season.
I'll need lots of seat time to get used to everything, but I'm going to have some fun!!

This is the front of the engine. The small braided line on the left is the gas priming system line.
The radiator hoses are off so I could put some anti-freeze in the block for Winter.

Here a side shot of the engine. It shows the amount of setback rather well.

Here is an interior shot. Its pretty busy what with the delay box, exhaust temp system and all.
The steering wheel is on the dash. The stock dash is still in the car as are the window winders.

Here is the car on jack stands in my garage after the last race day. Need to winterize everything.
The yellow car doesn't go as well with the garage decor as KVs white Mustang, but it'll have to do! :-)

Here's Tom's e-mail address.

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