Senzstang's {Phil Senz} '65 Mustang fastback

Here's a few photos of my 65 fastback. Had a buddy in TX call and tell me he just saw it for sale and it was a great deal.
I Bought it sight unseen and drove from Cleveland to Dallas to pick it up a few months later.

Started out life as a 6 cyl. I have put in the 289 and 8" rear from a 66 donor. Granada discs, All new suspension front and rear.
289 has alum intake, edelbrock carb, hooker supercomps, and a FMS cam courtesy of Moneymaker Racing.

The car photographs WAY better than it shows. I am now in the process of replacing all the trunk sheetmetal
as the rear window leaked for years and wreaked havoc back there. Car will then be stripped and repainted.

Have had it for 11 years. At my current pace, the paint job should be done about 2020. I have really enjoyed the car and can't wait to get my
2 year old boy turning wrenches with me. Not to be left out, my 5 year old daughter loves to ride in it with her sunglasses on and ZZ top playing on the stereo.

Here's Phil's e-mail address.

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