capri man's {Mike Reynolds} '73 Mach 1 and '81 Capri

.060" over 302, stage II Canfield heads, Lunati special grind roller cam, air gap clone, 750 dp w/Proform body, Mac long tube headers, Crane roller rockers, TRW 10.5 pistons, balanced by Panhandle performance, MSD 6-AL, Godley c-4 w/reverse manual valve body, Cheeta shifer, 8.8 Trac Lock with new 3.73 gears, Weld draglites, 10.5x28 MT slicks, front skinnies, S&W 8 point cage, swing out door bar, electric water pump drive and electric fan on rad, 90/10 front struts, 50/50 rear shocks, Mac upper and lower rear control arms, plus many more small things!!

Car weighs 2570 and ran a best of 7.25 @93 1/8 with my 260 lbs in it.

Here's Mike's e-mail address.

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