blue34's {formally fastford34's Keith Melcher} '34 Coupe

Its powered by a 351 Cleveland 4v with a FMX trans and 9" rear using 3:73 gears. It sits
on 15" chrome smoothie wheels with baby moon caps by Paulson motorsports. Front tires
are 165/15, rear are 255/70 15". Front suspension is Mustang II, rear is leaf spring setup.

I bought the car in '95. It was/is in good condition. I do not know how long it sat but i had to
replace all the rubber brake hoses, radiator hoses, vacuum lines, intake gaskets.
After a year's time I had it ready for the street, inspected and licensed and insured.

After 2 months, I found that the A frame arms were so weak it would not stay in alignment. (it vibrated
real bad above 60 mph!) I replaced them with aftermarket parts. I put an original style hood (a 4 pc-I hated
the 3 pc hood, too hard to work on!), then a drunk side swiped me on the drivers side! Thats when the paint
job was really cleaned up. I'm no body man, Jeff Ludwig of Ludwigs Customs did it. It has bucket seats and a
rumble seat, and a mildly modified 351c. No, I did not build it, but I do as much work as I can by myself.
Now I'm saving my pennies to change the interior from an 80's style to 50's or 60's style.

I drive it alot, even to work some days. I average 4 to 5 thousand miles a year.

NO heater or air. The fun factor is off the meter!

Here's Keith's e-mail address.

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