Technical Articles

Braking Systems

Converting Stock Rear Brakes to 10 X 2 inch Drums By Sam Griffith {AKA Sigtauenus}

Swapping Drum Brakes to Disk by Dan Jones



Electrical Systems

Retrofitting Factory Gauges on '71-'73 Mustangs by Rich Pajzer


351C Intake Manifolds by Dan Jones

351 Cleveland building tips by Dan Jones

Calculating Maximum Piston Speed by SteveW

Engine Swapping 351C/351W into Early Mustangs by Dan Jones

Ford Engine Dimensions Chart by Steve LaRiviere

Guide to 351 Cleveland Intake Manifolds by Dan Jones

How To Build a 289-302 with One Horsepower Per Cubic Inch for $1,500
By: Alex Denysenko (MoneyMaker) Compiled by Don McDonald

Small Block Ford Head Flow Rates, from the Dec. '99 Mustang & Fords magazine

Engine Management

EEC-IV Error Codes

EEC-V Error Codes

OBD-II Error Codes

Ford Part Numbers

Ford Part Number Deciphering

General Technical

Automotive Aerodynamics by Dan Jones

Detonation and Pinging by George Brown

Torque Versus Horsepower by Dan Jones


Installing shoulder belts in a '67 coupe, by Brian Bulow. {460-67Stang}

Painting Auto Interiors by Gary DelVecchio

Rear Axles

Ford Rear Axle Tips by Dan Jones

Ford Rear Dimensions by Dave_C and the Fordnatics mailing list

Ford Rear Axle Tag Chart by Sam Smith

Randy's Ring & Pinion Gearing Calculator


Steering Box Ratios by Dan Jones


Calculating Speedometer Gears by Steve LaRiviere

Swapping a C4 to an AOD by Dan Jones

Swapping a 5 Speed into older Ford Products, by Matt Soeffner {2BAV8}

Tremec 3550 in a '65 Mustang Install by Mike Schlutter {SundanceKid}

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