On this page we pay our respects to the members that we have lost.

georgeb {Truman G. Brown}

Join date: June 29, 1999
M&M Member #108

"George died about 3 miles from me. Let me drive his '67 Shelby once. Just tossed me the keys!! That car was unbelievably gorgeous. Offered to sell it to me for $30k. Jokes on me! I just couldn't swing it at the time. What a steal that would have been. RIP." - GTRocks

"George was the kind of guy that had been everywhere, done everything. He even knew Carroll Shelby when he was a boy in Texas. He lived in his boat at a marina, now how cool was that? He used to teach us a lot about the exotic Fords. He is sorely missed." - SteveLaRiviere

pinto72 {Larry Farringer}

Join date: March 6, 2001
M&M Member #1108

"He was very talented and helped me a lot." - capri man

Larry Jennings

Join date: April 3, 2000
M&M Member #796

"A very wise man, who was always ready to share his knowledge and sense of humor." - SteveLaRiviere

Racefan {Ron Kear}

Join date: July 2, 2006
M&M Member #5651

Mark T 7724 {Mark Tallent}

Join date: January 3, 2000
M&M Member #326

"I have lost my best friend. RIP Mark." - Moneymaker

Dad Vishus {Tom Hetzler}

Join date: December 31, 2001
M&M Member #1789

Father of kid vishus {Rob}, and a heck of a nice guy.

73STP {Sherra Petersen}

Join date: August 28, 2001.
M&M Member #1520

Attended the M&M convention in Reno in 2001
Wife of Duane {71resto}

sigtauenus {Major Sam Griffith}

Join date: June 24, 2000
M&M Member #537

Attended the M&M convention in Reno in 2001
Killed in action in Afghanistan December 14, 2011

Moneymaker {Alex Denysenko}

Join Date: May 21, 1999 ~ Member #1
There since the beginning, helping us all
Passed away February 20, 2016

The greatest measure of a person is how much they are missed by others when they are gone. Thank you for your friendship.

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