georgeb {Truman G. Brown} '67 Shelby GT-350

{Rest in peace, George, my friend.}

It's an early to mid '67 (early April).
The inboard high beams (not fog) were a problem
in some states; urban rumor has it that a
Pennsylvania state senator got the laws changed
in his state so he could have one with inboard high beams.

The 15" Kelsey-Hayes wheels are original options
(aluminum center with steel rim) and preceeded the
15" 10 spoke alloys (14" ten spoke alloys were
available in '66); for a while in '67 both the K-H
and alloys were available options.

The rollbar has rubber "donuts" at the trim panel openings
(some early cars didn't), and the lower scoops have cooling
vents to the rear brake shoes (rear brake drums are from '67
station wagon, e.g., larger than Mustang or Fairlane).

Later '67s had outboard high beams and non-functional rear
brake scoops. Detroit locker rear was optional in '67, and
Koni shocks were optional but I think only dealer installed.
I think all (or most) '67 Shelbys were shipped without "Le Mans"
stripes (don't know for sure) and they were applied by dealers.

Automatic transmissions and air conditioning were available options.
Some very early cars had small round amber running lights in the back
of the upper vent scoop, and the trim rings around the headlights were
painted (later cars have chromed trim rings). My car has the close ratio
4 speed; standard rear axle ratio for the 350GT is 3.89:1 (500GT is 3.25:1).

My car is creeping up on 47,000 original miles and is a fairly nice example.

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