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  SEMA Action Network Driving Force - July 2006

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Author Topic:   SEMA Action Network Driving Force - July 2006

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The Driving Force Newsletter is produced by:
Specialty Equipment Market Association, Inc. (SEMA)
1575 South Valley Vista Drive
Diamond Bar, California 91765

To view the newsletter as it was printed, click here for the low resolution version (330 KB) or click here for the high resolution version (3.6 MB).

We hope that the information contained in The Driving Force is useful and informative. We encourage our readers, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and car clubs to disseminate this information in newsletters and in meetings. If material from The Driving Force is used in your publications or in meetings, however, we do ask that you attribute the information to SEMA. Thank you and enjoy!

Copyright 2006 Specialty Equipment Market Association, Inc. (SEMA)

SEMA Driving Force - July 2006
Rocky Mountain High
SEMA Action Network Celebrates Kit Car Victory In Colorado

Car hobbyists in Colorado scored another major victory when a version of SEMA-model legislation to create a statutory titling and registration class for kit cars was passed by the Colorado State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Bill Owens. The new law, which goes into effect on July 1, 2007, includes the added benefit of exempting kit cars from Colorado・s emissions inspection program. Colorado joins Montana, Illinois, Missouri, Maine, Hawaii and Rhode Island as states that have enacted similar bills into law.

The law defines a ・kit vehicle・ as a passenger-type motor vehicle assembled by someone other than a licensed manufacturer, from a manufactured kit that includes a prefabricated body and chassis and is accompanied by a manufacturer・s statement of origin. The new law, which gained the bi-partisan support of the Legislature, is the product of months of consultation between the SEMA Action Network, representatives of the Old Car Council of Colorado, the Mile Hi Cobra Club, state legislators and county motor vehicle regulators. The measure was introduced by Colorado State Representative Ann Ragsdale.

・Backed by the hard work and perseverance of the Old Car Council of Colorado, the Mile Hi Cobra Club and Representative Ragsdale, we are extremely gratified that Colorado will join the list of states that recognize kit cars as distinct classes of vehicles,・ said SEMA Vice President, Government Affairs Steve McDonald. ・We are especially indebted to the efforts of Keith Hall, Vice President of the Mile Hi Cobra Club, who spearheaded this effort on the ground by coordinating the support of state car clubs and enthusiasts and by working with state and local vehicle administrators.・

・I think that the most important lesson that we learned from our first legislative experience is that politics is all about compromise and cooperation,・ commented Hall. ・By taking the time to involve everyone who had a stake in our issue during the early decision process we won friends, mollified potential adversaries and discovered areas of shared interest with groups that we had never known existed. The respect gained and contacts made in our first legislative venture will serve our club well in the future.・

The new law recognizes the unique nature of these vehicles as hobbyist cars that are generally only used for occasional transportation, exhibitions, club activities, parades and tours.
・For many vehicle enthusiasts in Colorado and throughout America, building, maintaining and enjoying their vehicles is a favorite pastime,・ McDonald added.

・This law represents an opportunity to acknowledge their commitment to the hobby and to protect it for future generations. These vehicles are the same crowd pleasers that participate in exhibitions and as parade vehicles, and whose owners regularly contribute to charities and civic events. These vehicles are pampered and coddled, buffed and shined and meticulously cared for. They are the pride and joy of those who own them.・

The model bill will continue to be pursued by SEMA in states that either don・t have registration classifications for these vehicles or have laws that are lacking in some way. Efforts are ongoing this year to work with the state legislature in Massachusetts, Florida, New Hampshire and Tennessee on this initiative and to add others to that list in the coming legislative sessions.



Hawaii/Illinois Exhaust Noise: SAN-opposed legislation that sought to dramatically increase fines for those who violate the state・s ban on the sale, installation and use of aftermarket exhaust systems died with the close of Hawaii・s legislative session. Currently, Hawaii prohibits any exhaust system that increases ・the noise emitted by a motor vehicle above that emitted by the vehicle as equipped from the factory.・ This law does not supply law enforcement with a clear standard to enforce, allowing them to make subjective judgments on whether or not a modified exhaust system is in violation. The SAN also killed an Illinois bill that threatened to ban vehicles equipped with a ・muffler or exhaust system that clearly has been modified to amplify or increase the noise of the vehicle.・ Under this measure, vehicles determined to have been modified by virtue of a ・visual observation・ would have failed emissions ins! pection. How emissions inspectors would have determined that an exhaust system increases noise through a visual inspection was not explained in the bill.

Minnesota Off-Road: Working with off-road vehicle groups in Minnesota, the SAN managed to kill amendments to a Minnesota bill that would have limited modified 4x4 trucks to minimally maintained roads and to the areas specifically designated for their use. The amendments sought to severely restrict 4x4 truck access to hobbyists by prohibiting use of "trails;" defined 4x4 trucks as four-wheeled motor vehicles manufactured to operate on public roads and subsequently modified with special tires, suspension or other equipment. The amendments were passed on the House and Senate floors at the last minute. The amendments were removed at the request of state hobbyists by a conference committee of House and Senate legislators.

Ohio Inoperable Vehicles: The SAN stalled consideration of a! bill in Ohio that would further restrict the ability of state vehicle hobbyists from maintaining inoperable vehicles on private property. The bill provides authority to townships to remove inoperable vehicles deemed to be ・junk,・ including collector cars, from private property. Generally, SAN supports legislation that permits the outdoor storage of motor vehicles if the vehicles are maintained in such a manner so as not to constitute a health hazard. These vehicles could be located away from public view, or screened by means of a suitable fence, trees, shrubbery, opaque covering or other appropriate means. The Ohio bill, however, makes no concession for even properly maintained project cars. The SAN coordinated its opposition with Ohio members of the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus.

South Carolina Antique Vehicles: The South Carolina Legislature approved SAN-supported legislation to provide an exemption from property taxes for motor veh! icles licensed and registered as antiques. South Carolina law defines an ・Antique・ as every motor vehicle which is ・over 25-years old, is owned solely as a collector・s item and is used for participation in club activities, exhibits, tours, parades and similar uses, but in no event used for general transportation.・ The bill now goes to the governor for his signature and enactment into law.

West Virginia/Hawaii Inoperable Vehicles: The SAN defeated a West Virginia bill that would have redefined ・abandoned motor vehicles・ to include vehicles or vehicle parts which are either unlicensed or inoperable, or both, are not in an enclosed building and have remained on private property for more than 30 days. Under current law, the abandoned vehicle law applies primarily to vehicles on public property. The bill sought to make violation a misdemeanor offense punishable by substantial fines, community service and jail and made no legal distinction between an owner using private property as a dumping ground and a vehicle enthusiast working to maintain, restore or construct a vehicle. Similarly, the SAN beat back a Hawaii bill that provided for the removal and disposal of ・derelict vehicles・ from private property.


SAN Celebrates Sweet Success with Southwest Virginia Car Council

In its continuing efforts to recognize car clubs across the country for their active involvement in promoting pro-hobby legislation, the SEMA Action Network (SAN) was in Salem, Virginia on Wednesday, June 7 to honor the Southwest Virginia Car Council. The Roanoke-based council of car clubs was recognized for its continued successful legislative efforts in Virginia to promote and protect the motor vehicle hobby during the annual Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour as it passed through the Roanoke Valley region.

This year and in years past, the SAN has worked with the Southwest Virginia Car Council to help ensure that laws and legislation in Virginia are hobby-friendly. This partnership has resulted in several legislative successes in Richmond. In coordination with the SAN, Virginia auto enthusiasts work with state legislators to encourage the introduction and passage of pro-hobby legislation・from emissions test exemptions for older vehicles to a law guaranteeing the right of hobbyists to restore and maintain inoperable vehicles on private property.

The groups also coordinated successful opposition to legislation banning spinner wheels. The bill ignored the fact that spinners have no proven detrimental effect on motor vehicle safety and are not prohibited by Federal law. This year, the Council supported SEMA・s model bill to assign street rods and custom vehicles, including kit cars and replicas, a certificate of title bearing the same model year designation as the production vehicle they most closely resemble. That bill will be considered during the 2007 legislative session.

In collaboration with the other clubs in the area, the council has played a key role in supporting the Virginia Transportation Museum located in downtown Roanoke. The council is also actively engaged in supporting the Star City Motor Madness, the proceeds of which are donated to the museum. In addition, the council hosts an annual legislative forum where area lawmakers are invited to a dinner sponsored by the member clubs to develop upon the ongoing relationship with their elected officials.
・Working with the SAN has resulted in huge dividends for our Council and for the other car club organizations in the state,・ said Tom Cox, President of the Southwest Virginia Car Council. ・Hobbyists can make a huge difference by organizing and developing statewide contacts with legislators. Having your car club join the SAN is a win-win situation.・

Steve McDonald, Vice President of SEMA・s Government Affairs Office in Washing-ton, D.C., agrees. ・The SEMA Action Network is indebted to Tom and the other Virginia councils and enthusiasts for their tireless work and unflagging efforts in helping get pro-hobby legislation introduced and passed. It is through their efforts and determination that the hobby will continue to thrive in Virginia and across the country for years to come. We are excited to be honoring the Council during the 2006 Power Tour.・


Caucus Corner

Each month Driving Force will feature members of the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus. The SEMA-supported caucus is a bi-partisan group of state lawmakers whose common thread is a love and appreciation for automobiles. Here are its newest members:

Representative David Guttenberg

Assemblymember Michael Villines

Representative Lorence Wenke

Representative Rick Hansen

Assemblymember Chad Christensen

Representative Kenny Yuko


Hey, That・s My Car!

Diamond in the Rust

・56 Chevy Wagon

Owner: Chad Reynolds
Allen, TX

As a self-proclaimed car nut and owner of a custom build shop in Allen, Texas, I decided that it was time to build something a little bit crazy.

After purchasing a 1994 Caprice police car for its engine, transmission, brakes, and the rear end, I discovered that it was really close to the same dimensions as a ・56 Chevy Wagon. After scoring a barn-fresh and well-worn ・56 wagon, it was time to pull out the welder and make the two cars into one. After thinking about the whole process, I came to the conclusion that this crazy idea just might work. After some measurements, I welded the wagon body to the complete chassis, floorpan, and running gear of the Caprice.

The best part of all, after selling all the unused parts from both cars, I had a little more than a grand in the whole thing. After sitting for four years, the car was finished and driven for the first time the night before the 2005 Hot Rod Power Tour.

In addition to turning heads at car shows across the country, this trusty wagon has crisscrossed the country several times and has yet to let me down. It may not be the prettiest, but it・s rock-solid reliable with only 82,000 miles on the chassis.


LT1 350
8.5 inch 10 bolt posi

Complete 9C1 (police package) chassis with 1.25 inch front sway bar
1 inch rear swaybar
Quick ratio steering box
Air Ride Technologies Ride Pro E air management system Front and Rear Coolride Air Springs front and rear

Stock Caprice police car 15x7 inch wheels with 205/65/15 front and 235/70/15 rear tires

Thanks to all who have sent in or e-mailed us photos. Please continue to send us photos of your trail rides, restorations in progress, rod runs, car shows, charity events and drag races. Kindly submit pictures to: The Driving Force, SEMA, 1575 South Valley Vista Dr., Diamond Bar, CA 91765. You also may send high-resolution digital pictures (minimum resolution of 300 pixels per inch; minimum 5 inches wide) by e-mail to [email protected]



June 30-July 2, Sonoma
18th Sonoma Nitro Nationals
Sponsor: Goodguys
Information: or 925/838-9876

June 30-July 2, Delta
16th Annual Mopar Magic Weekend
Sponsor: Mopars Unlimited Colorado
Information: or 70/434-7756

July 3-7, Grand Junction
45th National VCCA Anniversary Meet
Sponsor: VCCA
Information: or 626/963-0205

July 14-17, Salida
13th Annual Rocky Mountain Rendezvous
Information: or 303/838-8505

July 9, Simsbury
5th Annual Valley Classic Wheels Car Show
Sponsor: Valley Classic Wheels Car Club
Inf! ormation: or 860/658-7122

July 4, Effingham
Firecracker Car Show
Sponsor: Classic Pony Car Club
Information: or 217/536-5162

July 16, Barrington
4th Annual All Pontiac Car Show
Sponsor: Illinois POCI
Information: 847/526-1812

July 16, Union Grove
CGH Drag Day/Car Show
Sponsor: Chicago Gearheads
Information: 630/918-5552

July 29-30, Joliet
5th Annual NMCA Hot Rod and Muscle Car Nationals Show and Shine
Sponsor: NMCA and Chicago Gearheads
Information: or 949/254-5693

July 15, Portland
5th Annual Benefit Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show
Sponsor: Hollowblock Cruisers
Information: 260/726-4150

Jun! e 30-July 2, Des Moines
15th Annual Heartland Nationals
Sponsor: Goodguys
Information: or 925/838-9876

July 29-30, Newton
7th Annual Sunflower International Harvest Show
Sponsor: Heartland International Club
Information: 316/835-2740

July 9, Glen Burnie
17th Christmas in July Annual Toy Run 2006
Sponsor: Lost in the 50's Car Club
Information: 410/224-6406

July 29, Pasadena
5th Annual Brits by the Bay Car Show
Sponsor: Triumphs Around the Chesapeake
Information: or 410/679-6421

July 4, Stewartville
3rd Annual Car Show
Sponsor: Stewie Cruisers
Information: or 507/273-2127

July 12-16, Rochester
2006 Buick Club of America National Meet
! Sponsor: BCA

July 14-16, St. Cloud
3rd Annual Bad Boyz Car Show
Information: or 320/252-5498

July 14-16, Kansas City
1st National Solstice Gathering
Information: or 314/340-2315

July 22, Fernley
Silverado Classic
Sponsor: Classic Chevys of Reno
Information: or 775/358-5630

July 22, Belen
1st Annual Belen Classic Car Show
Sponsor: Classic Chevy Club of Albuquerque
Information: 505/385-1410

July 26-30, Albuquerque
National DeSoto Convention
Information: [email protected] or 505/342-2601

July 2, Clarence
31st Annual Show
Sponsor: Tri-Five of Western New York
Information: 716/634-1149

July 14-16, Syracuse
Syracuse Nationals
Sponsor: Right Coast Association
Information: or 800/753-3978

July 4, Xenia
41st Anniversary Car Show and Swap Meet
Sponsor: Greene County Antique & Classic Car Club
Information: [email protected] or 937/372-3405

July 7-9, Columbus
9th Goodguys NationalsSponsor: Goodguys
Information: or 925/838-9876

July 7-8, Dublin
24th Annual Arthritis Foundation Classic Auto Show and Cruise-In
Information: or 614/876-8200

July 15, Wyandot County Fairgrounds
3rd Annual Danny Garza Memorial Fundraiser Show
Information: [email protected] or 419/273-2957

July 22, Delaware
13th Annual Blast from the Past
Sponsor: Vintage Auto Club of Delaware, Ohio
Information: 740/363-3545

July 29, Plain City
27th Annual Poor Man's Nationals
Sponsor: Buckeye Rod Builder's
Information: 641/263-9514

July 7-9, Bloomsburg
19th Annual Summer 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals
Information: or 317/236-6522

July 7-9, Carlis! le
Carlisle All Chrysler Nationals
Information: or 717/243-7855

June 28-July 2, Dallas
Lone Star Nationals
Sponsor: Oldsmobile Club of America
Information: or 517/663-1811

July 22, Spring City
Spring City Car Show
Sponsor: Sanpete Cruisers
Information: 435/436-8310

July 28-30, Salina
3rd Annual Blast from the Past Car Show
Sponsor: Forever Young Car Club
Information: 877/473-8368

June 30-July 2, Alton
Sponsor: Shelby American Automobile Club
Information: [email protected] or 860/364-0449

July 3-4, Roanoke
4th Annual Star City Motor Madness

July 11-15, Williamsburg
37th Annual National Meet
Sponsor: Walter P. Chrysler Club, Inc.

July 15, Midlothian
21st Annual Early Bird Rod Run
Sponsor: Virginia Street Rods
Information: or 804/360-1255

July 14-16, Puyallup
19th Pacific Northwest Nationals
Sponsor: Goodguys
Information: or 925/838-9876

July 29-30, Westport
2nd Annual Super Cruzz Show and Shine
Information: 360/268-1280

July 15, Capon Bridge
4th Annual Bash at the Bridge Ca! r, Truck, and
Motorcycle Show
Information: or 304/856-3446

July 1, Grafton
Rods-n-Relics Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show
Sponsor: Rods-N-Relics Car Club
Information: or 262/242-3834

July 7-9, Iola
Iola Old Car Show and Swap Meet
Sponsor: Oldsmobile Club of Wisconsin
Information: [email protected]

July 14-16, West Allis
Milwaukee Nationals
Sponsor: National Street Rod Association
Information: or 901/452-4030

July 22, New London
2nd Annual Riding for Rawhide Fish Fry and Car Show
Sponsor: Valley Vettes
Information: or 920/428-0530

Check out these early August 2006 events

July 31-August 3, Truckee
National Solid Axle Corvette Club Convention
Sponsor: SACC
Information: or 916/991-7040

August 2-4, Springfield
32nd International Convention
Sponsor: Classic Chevy Club of Springfield
Information: or 321/385-9703

August 3-5, Reno
Hot August Nights/41st Annual Reno Classic Car & Parts Swap Meet
Information: or 916/933-0949

August 1-5, Kingsport
Professional Car Society's 30th Anniversary International Meet
Information: [email protected] or 423/288-3454


Newly Introduced Legislation

Note: The following state bills are not laws. They were recently introduced and are currently under consideration by the respective state legislatures:

North Carolina HB 2397/SB 1810/SB 1391/SB 1358/HB 2001: Affects the regulation of abandoned or junked motor vehicles in the towns of Matthews, Mint Hill, Ahoskie, Lagrange, and Farmville. The bill would allow the city to remove vehicles that are partially dismantled or wrecked, worth less than $500, and display no current license plate.

North Carolina SB 1560/HB 2185: Creates Low Emission Vehicle standards for vehicles in North Carolina. Allows governor to exempt vehicles but also prohibits the transfer of the title of motor vehicles or engines that do not meet new emissions standards.

North Carolina HB 2805: Prevents a safety inspector from inspecting after-factory tinting if a vehicle has previously passed inspection and is owned by the same individual.

North Carolina HB 2158: Encourages the development and maintenance of the motorsports industry in North Carolina.


Attention Car Clubs, Event Organizers and Enthusiasts!

Put SAN on Your Mailing List!

We・d like to know what・s going on with SEMA Action Network clubs and enthusiasts across the country; what charity events you・re involved in; when and where the rod runs, car shows, trail rides, rallies and tech meetings are held; and what legislative and regulatory issues concern club members and individual enthusiasts. One of the best ways to keep us abreast of what・s going on and what・s important to the vehicle hobbies nationwide is for us to receive your club newsletters and updates. Please consider placing SEMA on your mailing list.

Send correspondence to: Jason Tolleson, SEMA, 1317 F Street, N.W., Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20004-1105. Or by e-mail at [email protected]

Produced by:
1575 S. Valley Vista Dr.
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

If you do not want to receive further information from SEMA Action Network, e-mail [email protected] with the word "remove SEMA Action Network" in the subject line to be removed from our distribution list.

If you do not want to receive further information from SEMA, e-mail [email protected] with the word "remove" in the subject line to be removed from our distribution list.

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