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  the poly bushing/strut rod controversy

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Author Topic:   the poly bushing/strut rod controversy

Posts: 75
From: Los Angeles, CA
Registered: Feb 2002

posted 03-04-2002 01:55 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Calcat        Reply w/Quote
Most of you have heard don't use poly bushings on strut rods they'll snap the rod. I wondered if anyone has real experience with this. Not with a fatigued rod but one that was known to be sound. I find it hard to believe this, especially when some racers use aluminium bushings. there is also a thing called product liability and it seems if this was the case it would be noted. Any thoughts?


Posts: 29200
From: Lyons, IL, USA
Registered: May 99

posted 03-04-2002 01:57 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Moneymaker        Reply w/Quote
Welcome to M&M Cat !
I guess that you might say that I have a "little" experiance.
I have poly bushings on MM and have had aluminum ones also. The aluminum ones are better suited to road racing as they are not off the ground as much as drag racers are. They are too harsh for my purposes. I have had the poly bushings for years with absolutly ZERO side effects. I spend approximatly 10% of my track time up in the air and as Newton says, "what goes up, must come down". MM has the original core support and front frame horns. They have not been reinforced and have never pulled the bushings through. I have OEM replacment strut rods and they are fine. I do replace them every two years just to be on the safe side as I do stand it up every pass. I replace the bushings at the same time. Cheap insurance.

Alex Denysenko
Co-Administrator and Moderator/ non 65-66 Mustang owner sensitivity co-ordinator

NHRA and IHRA SS/LA National Record Holder '00, '01, & '02
Fleet of FoMoCo products including 88 ASC McLaren Mustang #28
Part time secret agent license #0089
US Class Nationals link

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Posts: 1064
From: Orange County, CA
Registered: Dec 2001

posted 03-04-2002 02:03 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for 70SportsRoof        Reply w/Quote
I'm the one that started this post a few weeks ago. From what I can figure, it must be a problem if you have 30+ year old strut rods, they do get stressed a lot in that time. I think if you have new rods you wouldn't have a problem. I've got the original rods on my car, and will just be using stock rubber for now. Better safe than sorry.

1970 Deluxe SportsRoof (63B),'66 fastback 289-4 spd(going to a new home),(2)46 Ford trucks, 47 Ford truck, 57 Ford Fairlane 500 4dr, '72 Olds Vista Cruiser(up for sale soon), '88 Bronco II(for sale)...running out of room, selling some of my projects


Posts: 880
From: Clarion PA
Registered: Nov 2000

posted 03-05-2002 07:18 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Rustang        Reply w/Quote
I'm one of the guys always dissin' poly strut rod bushings. Here's my .02: First, as long as the strut rod is free to move through its intended motion, it don't matter what type of material the bushings are made out of.
I do know for a fact that a guy that works with a buddy of mine broke an original strut rod on his '69 with poly bushings, then bought brand new strut rods and broke one of them. After he broke the second one and landed in a ditch, he found that the bushings were so stiff the strut rod was bending like a spring! He went back to rubber bushings and the problems stopped. Once again, the strut rod nuts may have been too tight or something. BUT, LESSONS LEARNED!!! IF YOU INSTALL POLY BUSHINGS, MAKE SURE THE ROD CAN FREELY MOVE!!!

'68 mustang 351 clevor- 10.92@124
'67 Stang, 351W -11.18@118
'69 351C Torino-14.90@100
'78 Pickup 351W-15.56@88
'79 Pickup 460 ET=??

richard bohm

Posts: 373
From: tucson,az-luray,va
Registered: May 2001

posted 03-05-2002 09:47 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for richard bohm        Reply w/Quote
like anything else you have to install the bushings properly. you cannot torque poly bushings like you can the rubber ones. that said, i dont like the poly bushings for the strut rods. if properly installed and changed like MM does, you minimize the problems. if you want to eliminate strut rod play, the best way to go is use the strut rods AND lower control arms from total control products. they are designed to be used as a unit even though they are sold seperately. i was going to use poly bushings on my 66 coupe untill i noticed a higher incident of strut rod breakage. does this mean the poly bushings are unsafe? no, but it does mean you need to keep a close eye on installation and maintenance.

Corbin Johnson

Posts: 10
From: Ca
Registered: Apr 2003

posted 06-10-2004 12:21 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Corbin Johnson        Reply w/Quote
What should you torque the rubber strut rod bushings to? Thanks.


Posts: 7
From: Colorado
Registered: Jun 2004

posted 06-10-2004 02:17 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Fastback'69        Reply w/Quote
One of my original strut rods w/ new poly
bushings snapped just as I pulled into the
parking lot at work. Someone was watching over me that day. I switched back to rubber
and have been trouble free...


Posts: 31
From: Northern VA
Registered: Mar 2001

posted 06-18-2004 08:28 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for wkc51        Reply w/Quote
I have had a different experience. I installed the black thermoplastic rubber bushings being sold by most of the Mustang part vendors. I didn't have a problem with the strut rod, but the bushings shattered in to many little pieces. I caught it before they completely fell out, and replaced them with rubber bushings from NAPA. I just had the front end lined up ($80), and the bushings must have been bad at that time, because the steering wheel is now off center, and I guess I'll have to go back and spend more money! I would not recommend the thermoplastic bushings to anyone.

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