stangclassic66's {Erik Legaspi} '66 Mustang fastback

This car was partially restored by my dad, myself and M&M. We re-did
the front suspension with stock parts, converted the front brakes to
disc, added 5 leaf rear springs & removed front sway bars.

SteveW rebuilt the 8" third member with 3.55:1 gears and traction lock
(I learned a bunch from him!!). The transmission is a Dynamic street/strip C4.
It used to have an automatic valve body which I switched to reverse manual
courtesy of CometGT1974. The motor is a 306ci built by Tony Lamb.
It is very strong and pulls very hard to 6000rpm.

For now, the car is a street cruiser but will hopefully be put on the strip
in the future. I enjoyed restoring the car with my dad & M&M members.
We have both learned tons of information that cannot be found elsewhere.

Here's Erik's e-mail address.

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