The Iceman's {Dan Lantowski} '65 Mustang Coupe

Well, "BeeBop," which is named in honor of my favorite uncle who passed away on Thanksgiving of '99 (the car and my uncle both were born on July 26th which I found out AFTER deciding to name the car after him!), is my very first car (hard work here at 16 pays off!) and is like a dream come true. I have always loved the older model Stangs and now I finally own a piece of history that I have wanted for the longest time. Everytime I start her up or think about her I smile and gosh it's a great feeling (yall know what I mean too!). For now, this is how the car looks, however the new 5-star chrome rims that the previous owner threw in with the car are not on yet. As for the rest of the body, I plan on keeping the Orange Glow color on her (until God forbid enough body wear and tear is done to the point of painting it another color haha) and in the somewhat near future, I plan on Shelby side scoops (perhaps even making them functional, if its worth it) and either a Shelby GT500 or 350 scoop or even the huge Boss 429 scoop -- either way it will be functional for sure :D. As for the engine, I plan on doing a full performance buildup/mod to the Straight "6" 200ci powerblock and maybe in the far future, when funds are better and time/schooling have progressed further, I will put in a late model 5.0 or find a 289 off of another old Stang. However, no matter what, I plan on keeping "BeeBop" for many many many years to come and I know that I will have many great memories!

Here's Dan's e-mail address.

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