themav's '70 Maverick

1970 Maverick with 1971 Boss 351

It is powered by a .030" over Boss 351, it has BME alum sbc rods, Ross pistons that finished up at 9.6:1, it has a Babe Erson solid roller cam of unknown specs (do know it has a 108 lobe center and that the lift on intake is .630"), but the biggest changes are in the heads and intake. It has an Ford Motorsport M-9424-A351 Windsor/Yates style intake on the Boss heads, this was done by making up 1/4" alum plates that matched the intake exactly then milling the heads and screwing the plates to the heads, then filling in intake ports behind the plates. I run a 850dp set up by C&J in Santa Fe Springs Ca that now flows 945cfm. It has a C4 with std ratios,and a manual reverse pattern valve body.I run a 4500 convertor but it's really tight for its size and stall and I have no problems at 40mph in 3rd with it slipping in and out. It has an 9" rear end that I run 4.58's in most of the time. (I did run 5.13's in the 1/8 mile photo's that are posted). I also run a pinion brake instead of a trans brake and so far that has kept me from having to buy a mega buck trans. And even though everyone tells me you can't run alum rods on the street I have had no problems, but I do run a 3qt accumulator just in case. I have had a lot of fun with this car and it's dead nuts consistant.

Here's themav's e-mail address.

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