SG236's {Russ Hood} '77 Mustang II

1977 Tube Chassis Mustang II, SuperGas cert, 514BBF/1.76 Glide,
4.88 gear, 40 spline Strange drilled axles, mild steel with 4 link.
Car should run 5.70s @ 122mph in the 1/8th.

Car is all glass except the top and rear quarter panels.

Rear slicks are 16x33 with Weld ProStar wheels.

Here's Russ's old '70 Maverick

'70 tube chassis Maverick (old pro stocker) powered by 351C.
The Maverick was in a fire May 2001. It has been put
back together and he sold it in January 2002.

Here's Russ' e-mail address.

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