whackedguy's {Tom and Deb Johnston}
'71 Mercury Comet

Here is a picture of my old 71 Comet.

The car had a 68 302 block with 66 hipo 289 heads. The pistons were TRW 10-1 forged units. The cam was an Elgin with 288 degrees duration with .460 lift. I ran the crane variable lifters to smooth out the idle a bit. This car had no trouble at all breaking the tires loose at 30 miles per hour. The end came for it when I borrowed a set of slicks from a buddy and found a fresh patch of asphalt. An unexpected wheelstand and a hard landing ripped out the front suspension and frame but if I ever find another decent body...the batmobile(that's what my kids called it) will ride again.

Here's Tom's e-mail address.

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