sunpony's {Joe Cravotto}
'65 Mustang Convertible

Sunpony started life as a '65 Prairie Bronze, A code, 4 speed 'vert with
a bench seat.  I bought her about 3 years ago and have been feeding the
money pit ever since.  I've restored several other 65/66s but really
wanted to go modified this time around.

Color is Ford Laser Red (PPG)
Interior is updated to Pony but still has bench seat
Engine is a '70 Boss 302 (4 bolt) block
Tranny is an '88 AOD
Exhaust is hi-po manifolds, Flowmasters, GT extensions
Front brakes are '78 Granada disc
Rear is '78 Versailles 9" with disc and 3.50 locker center
Wheels are 15x7 Shelby 10 spokes
Global West subframe connectors

Sanden A/C compressor conversion
Electric cooling fan
Edelbrock water pump
Edelbrock Fuel pump
Cobra oval air cleaner
TransAm racing power brake booster
65 GT fog lamps
Here's Joe's e-mail address.
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