stang106's {Dave} '70 Mustang Convertible

My '70 has an embarassing worn-out 302 from a '74 Granada. A neighbor had a whole bunch of 428 CJ heads, blocks, manifolds, cranks, and who knows what else (to me) cramming his downstairs shelves. He's a biker guy so doesn't work on cars, one night when I was ogaling his parts I spot a stock castiron four-barrel intake. He says to just take it if I could use it, its from a 271 HP 289. So I put that on the old 302, I found an old Motorcraft carb on a friends'(chevy truck racer) wall, which he gave me, and I rebuilt it and ran the car for a tire blistering time of 16.090 at the Port Alberni Drags! So now I'm in the process of building a 351W, Stock cast inake and exhausts, World JR heads, solid cam, stock distributor with crane conversion and weights/springs for this application. I've already got a C4 built for it, and 2500 stall converter. 9" rear with 3:25 four pinion posi with race clutches, because my little 14"tires are so short 24"tall. Full length subframe connectors instaled by Roger (bfxcomet) who is also the co-driver for any races we both go to. 620 lb front springs, five leaf rear, gas shocks, 1"front and 3/4"rear sway bars and a monty carlo brace and the car now handles great. I removed the power steering-no road feel. I am hoping I can get the car into the 13 seconds, I may go with taller gears,spool, weaker front springs, 90:10 shocks and plunk the battery in the trunk just for the drags. It is a family cruiser, my 3 1/2 year old daughter loves to cruise down to the water front for doughnuts. Next year 16" Magnum 500s, Radial t/a's and 3:55 gears. I work OT to pay these bills.

Here's Dave's e-mail address.

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