slim17265's {Frank Kodadek} '69 Mach 1

I bought this car April 1990, it had been sitting in garage for 9 years prior. Since my prime objective was an antique car I had to keep it looking original (at least what you can see). Car was finished Sept. 1999. Car was professionally painted Viper Red With gold/white stripes. I went through engine boring it out .030 to 433ci with TRW pistons, decked block with .008 deck height. It runs a Lunati cam 228/235 @.050 which allows 6300rpm shift points. Heads have been massaged with bumps removed from intake and exhaust ports. Heads have been cut .030 with .022 shim head gaskets to arrive at 11.0-1 compression. Intake is a Edelbrock F427 with divider milled out and gasket mached. That sums it up except for windage tray and MSD-6A. Carb is a Holley 780 w/machined Venturi/choke tower.

Here's Frank's e-mail address.

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