rosco's68conv's {Stephen West}
'68 Mustang Convertible

Classic Mustang Decoder Results
Warranty Number: 8R03J134298        
Year:   8   1968 

Plant:  R   San Jose, CA 

Body Series:    03  Convertible 

Engine:     J   302 4v V8 

Unit:   134298  134298 

Miscellaneous Vehicle Data      
Body:   76A     Convertible, Standard Interior 

Color:  T   Candyapple Red 

Trim:   2D  Dark Red Crinkle Vinyl and Dark Red Kiwi Vinyl, Standard Interior 

Date:   27A     January 27, 1968 

D.S.O:  71  Los Angeles 

Axle:   5   3.00:1, Conventional 

Trans:  W   C4 Automatic
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