kwazykat's { Kaylin Mcgee } Ford Family Tree

Now, here is my daily driver since 1978. She is a '67 Dan Gurney Special. Original,
not "restored", with the exception of the front seats having been reupholstered. Original motor,
trans, numbers match. Over 360k miles! Certainly not a trailer princess or anything
of that ilk, but a damned fine daily driver!! :) Her tag reads "kwazykat"

This is my '67 Fairlane Ranchero. We are currently switching
out the aftermarket 302 for a 351W, relocating the shifter
from the column to the console and putting bucket seats in her.... 69 convertible project...

Here it is on the way to 'Doctor Dad's.'

Back to the original colour.... waiting for
trim and the front end to be reattached...

The "fins" of my 62 Fairlane 500 sports coupe. Kinda an "artsy-fartsy" shot,
but I really like it!! This car sat in the woods for 14 years until I rescued her
in April '99. She will be transformed into my street legal drag racing machine!

Here the Fairlane in on the way to brother Dave's...

Me, in the '69 Mach 1, coming out of the gate during time trials...
She runs an eighth consistantly in the 8.70's, Pure Stock Eliminator
Division. 8.60's when the weather cools. (will it ever not be in the 90's?)

Here is the latest shot of me looking worn and grubby after a grueling day at the track!
I took second place in my class!

This is baby brother Dave's '64 Comet Caliente drag car.
Dave's Comet does the 1/8th in the 5.70's.

Here it is, warming the tires.

...still warming...

Here it is, launching.

Here is brother Dave's '67 Cougar. It does the 1/8th in the 7.40's.

My dad's 68 kat is street-legal. This is his daily driver.

This is me starting my burn out in dad's Cougar. ETs in the eighth
are 8.20's in good air, low 8.30's in dead heat NC summers!!

This is dad's current racer, a '70 Sportsroof. Built from the hooves

up by him and my younger brother. It does the 1/8th in the 6.60's

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