clevelandstyle's {Ben Hoffman}
'70 Mach 1 and '79 Fairmont

My '70 Mach I is Grabber Green with a 351C. It originally came with a wide ratio top loader, but I put in an auto for bracket racing. It has run a best of 12.32 @ 109.5. 60' times of 1.71. 1/8 mi. time of 7.85.
I still do a good amount of street driving with it.

I just bought the '79 Fairmont in the summer on 2001. It had no engine or trans, so I put in a 351C and automatic trans. The interior is gutted and it has a roll bar and frame connectors. The 9" rear has a spool. The weight of the car is 2900# w/driver. I don't have any good times on the car yet. I plan on running it a lot this summer.
I'm expecting mid 11s.

Here's Ben's e-mail address.

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