Thud's {Dwayne Hewatt}
'70 Mach 1 and '75 Cougar

I'd like to thank (and this is as public a place as I can think of!):

Jimmy Fulcher (Fulcher Metal and Paint)--- Body and paint
B.J. Fisher (formerly of Fulcher Metal and Paint)--- Metal fabrication
Garry Grimes (Grimes Automotive Machine)--- Engine and transmission
Tommy Hall (Stitchman of Georgia)--- Upholstery
Harry Robinson (Robinson Racing Enterprises)--- Specialty fabrication
Aaron Tallant ('69/'70 428 CJ Mustang Restorer)--- Various parts and a LOT of good advice
Michael Hyde (Lanier Tire... and owner of a Boss 302)--- Tires and motivation
Bob Fisher (Glanville Racing)--- Loan of various tools
Steve Dunlap (Roswell Import Service)--- Advice
Johnny Norrell (Camaro Guy)--- Motivation and irritation

Triple-black, leather buckets and console, and 351W
(perfect for transplanting my 440-HP/440-lb-ft 351W into!!)

Here's Thud's e-mail address.

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