Tempo151's {Roger Garcia} '65 Mustang Coupe

Hi, My name is Roger Garcia. This is my baby. It's a 65' Mustang. The car is originally from North Carolina. lt now cruises the streets of Connecticut. It has had some interesting upgrades and modifications. It has a 302, bored .030" over, rollerized mild cam, flat top forged pistons, Holley 600 carb sitting on a Edelbrock intake, Mallory ignition, and a B+M shift kit.

The body is clean, and straight. It has a fiberglass hood with a 3.5" raised scoop. The car sits stout due to the add a leaf, and traction bars. The constantly smoking tires are Goodyear (nothing fancy, why bother? They don't last long).

Future plans consist of: cosmetics to the interior, 3.73 gears for the diff, disk brakes in front, and a bit more juice to the ponies under the hood.

I am 22 years old, this is my first Classic car, and it certainly won't be my last!

Here's Roger's e-mail address.

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