Swapping SVO Seats in a '72 Mustang, by Randy Thornton.

I went to the junk yard with a tape measure and bought some 84 Mercury Cougar XR-7 Turbo-Coupe buckets. The SVO seats with hand pump lumbar in great shape. $25 a piece. The bolt holes measured identical to my 72 seat tracks.

The track holes in the bottom of the seat are 12" front to back and 14" left to right. The SVO seats used in the Cougar, T-Bird, Mustang, etc... use the third hole from the rear. They have one hole in front and 4 holes in the rear to fit so many cars. The power seats don't have the third hole drilled all the way through the frame, but it is there and is a easy drill. Mine were non-power so it was really easy.

You will need to use the original tracks. They are different across the board and from year to year in many cases. The feet turn in on some, out on others, and are actually staggered in the Cougar I took these out of.