Hard to find items and services for your restoration project

Chrome Plating of Plastic Parts

Here are a couple of places I found that chrome plate plastic items. I'm asked about this all the time. I've never done business with any of these folks, but I found them listed in Hemmings Motor News.

Mr G's Rechromed Plastic
5613 Elliott Reeder Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76117

Tel. 817-831-3501
Fax. 817-831-0638

D&D Plastic Chrome Plating
4534 South Detroit Avenue
Toledo, Ohio 43614

Tel. 419-389-1748

American Classic Restorations, Inc.
680 Douglas Street (Route 16)
Uxbridge, MA 01569

Tel. 508-278-0020
Fax. 508-278-0060

Web Link

P.D.Q. Restorations
5 Myrtle Street
St. Thomas, Ontario
Canada N5R 2E6

(519) 637-1974

[email protected]

Web Link

Data Plates

A. G. Backeast, reproducer of Data Plates

Marti Auto Works
12007 W. Peoria Ave.
El Mirage, AZ 85335
(623)935-2579 FAX
[email protected]
Marti Auto Works Web Site

Decals and Stripes

Here is a company that carries hard to locate decals and stripes for Mustangs and other Fords.

Graphic Express
Restoration / Late Model Stripes & Decals
425 E Knightsbridge Place
Lecanto, FL 34461
Contact; e-mail Graphic express
View Web Site; Graphics Express


Ford's Consumer Assistance Center offers, for free of change, to research the
Vehicle Indentification Number of your '67 or newer Ford product {older records
weren't kept, unfortunately.} and send you a sheet detailing the options and build date.

It takes 6-8 weeks to get your sheet, but the service is free. Have your VIN handy, and call
(800) 392-3673 and ask for a 'History 999 Report.'

Glass Search

I spotted this in The Hemmings Motor News.

This company specializes in locating glass for Antique and Classic Cars.

LoF Glass Search

Tel 1-800-848-1351
Tel 614-443-0231 ext. 6
Fax 614-443-0709


Here is their Web Site; Pilkington

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