{Claude VanZandt} '69 Fairlane Coupe

This is my daily driver. It's a 1969 Fairlane coupe. I paid 950.00 for it 6 years ago.
I joined The OLD FARTS CAR CLUB at the turkey rod run, held at the Daytona Raceway every
Thanksgiving weekend. They had this t-shirt that advertized their 1ST annual final tour,
now we are on the fifth annual final tour, and the formation of the Windbreaker race team
with some crazy made up sponsors pics attached. So I had the sponsors names and designs made
up into stickers and in March of 1994 the car was born as it is now. At first we put them on
as magnetic signs, but as I modifed the car and it went faster that didn't work anymore.
You see magnentic signs don't fare well at any thing over 110 mph "looked like your car was
exploding as you blew by me" said the trucker who pulled in behind me on the tollroad when more
than 1/2 came of one night. He thought I had blown something so he got out his fire extinguisher.
I was ticked and he about died laughing when he saw what really happened. On the hood we have the
motor size just like a old stock car except we have the 302 listed as a 604-1/2 C.I. because it is a
604 1/2 cubic inch engine but most people just see 604 and think that its that big. At one show
(OLD TOWN in Kississimme) one Gent looked at the small block and said in real down south drawl
"604cubes, you must have that thing stroked to the asphalt."

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