Mustang Tally's '67 Mustang coupe

I am Mustang Tally...the mother of the evil, wicked dancing girls from N.C. Kaylin & Ked....

I have a blue '67 Mustang which had a dark blue vinyl top...and now has all blue. I got this Mustang in 76
with about 65,000 miles on it...drove it a good while til it registered over 221,000 miles and had a rebuilt
motor put in it..rebuilt by Kaylin and Kedra's Dad and Brother.

Hate to admit this, but when the car was purchased it was supposed to be Kaylin's first car...but
you better believe when I saw it she got the station wagon I was driving..she was around 16 and
glad to get anything to a.m. when she saw the mustang out back she wanted to know who's
it was...and was sort of (SORT OF ?) disappointed. Actually, ask her..she will say "P.O'd.!!" But being
the sweet little girls they are everything was OK..(She is waiting for me to kick the bucket...! so she can finally have her Mustang...)

Here's Mustang Tally's e-mail address.

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