Moneymaker's {Alex Denysenko}
'88 ASC McLaren Mustang Convertible

There is only one McLaren emblem on the outside,
on the right side, before the rear wheel.
It reads 'DESIGN CONCEPT by Peter Muscat'

Hard to believe it's November in Lyons, Illinois!

Top down...

Top up...

Here is the top in it's well. Note the hidden storage.

The top has a retractable hard cover.

The ASC comes with a custom leather interior.

All the toys...

The dash carries a Certi-Plate. This one is #28 of 2251 made.

The doors panels have ASC McLaren emblems.

The engine is the 5.0 Liter H.O.

Unique rear spoiler.

The real bumper cover has ASC McLaren embossed in it.

Distinctive wheels.

Here's Alex's e-mail address.

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