Moneymaker's {Alex Denysenko} Record Holding
SS/LA '65 Mustang K-Code Coupe

This is Moneymaker, on it's way to another 10.86 quarter mile run.

Photo copyright 1999, Auto Imagery Inc.
Alex says that he'll be applying for his pilot's license, soon.

It is an K-code car originally. Now campaigned as a D-code in NHRA and IHRA SS/LA.
Has; 6.20 gears, JPT C-4, 7000 RPM Converter and trans brake. 2965 lbs. with driver in it.

Alex at work.

"I start with an SVO A-4 block. It is bored .070 and precision machined in every aspect by Kuntz & co.. Pistons are 9.0 to 1 Venolia's with a special ring combination and pin. The crank is index stroked .013 and machined by Accu-Crank. The rods are Crower steel and bearings are FM race. Roller cam, pushrods and lifters are from Comp cams with special specs. Danny Bee belt drive system. Factory cast C5AE-B heads are ported by Jim Kuntz and Brian Self as is the Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake. Combustion chambers are stock. Valves are custom length, stock diameter Victory units and we use Manley Winston Cup springs and scalloped "oiler" retainers. We run 250 lbs. of pressure on the seat. Headbolts are 1/2 inch ARP's as is all the hardware. We use a T&D ultra lightweight shaft rocker system. Moroso aluminum valve covers. Melling oil pump, FRPP shaft and a Canton front sump road race 7 quart oil pan. Gaskets are a combination of Victor and Fel-Pro. Holley Pro Anialator distributor, 9mm wires, and ignition system. CSI electric water pump and Smiths ultra light radiator and fan (12 lbs. total) keeps it all under 160 degrees. We have a special custom flow carb spacer of secret demensions topped off with a 480 CFM 1.08 Autolite carb prepped by "Alex" (me) lol. The choke and plate remains in place as per NHRA/IHRA rules. Holley Volumax pump and Earls hose and fittings feet the carb with VP C12 fuel. A Reactor flywheel is bolted to a 7 inch 7500 RPM stall JPT converter and all aluminum JPT C-4. The trans has a special secret gear ratio and a trans brake. Chicago Driveline aluminum drive shaft connects ot a Stange Engineering all aluminum 9 inch third member housing 6.00 or 6.20 US Strange Pro gears. Axels are also light weight Strange with 35 splines. The chassis and cage was built and designed by Performance Concepts of Mokena IL. It is a ladder link bar floater with fully externally adjustable HAL shocks. Fiber glass leaf springs by Flexi-Form support the body. The front suspension is stock per NHRA/IHRA rules. Tony and I have tweaked it a bunch with bushings, special shock mounts, Monte Carlo bar, and a little of this and a little of that. Front shocks are also HAL's. Wheels are the lightest made. Bogart Drag Stars on all four corners. Tires are normaly Goodyear 10.5 x 30 biased or Hooosier 10.5 x 30 Radials. Put all of this together at approximatly 2975 lbs. with me and all the stock interior and on a good day you get low 10.70's at 123 + MPH. 10.60's and better for 2001 GUARANTEED! That's about it (at least all that I'm willing to disclose) for MM. A lot of hard work and much testing with trial and error makes it run like it does. It is the quickest and fastest legal automatic 289 Superstocker in the world and I am very proud of our accomplishments. Hopefully with some new technology that we have stumbled on we can get into some favorable weather in 2001 and get the NHRA record in addition to the IHRA one we already hold. In reality we have surpassed the NHRA record and beaten it's holder many times, but the current record was set at an altitude track and the ET and speed was corrected. It is the record nevertheless and until I can run quicker than it at a designated record setting event it will stand."

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