Most owners of Classic cars have some part or information they need, but can't find.
This page is to help members of M&M find those rare parts or info they've been hunting down.

Sam {mustangs68} has been looking for the trim that runs on the interior rear of his '68 Mustang
fastback. This is the trim that runs from one quarter panel, under the rear window,
and over to the other quarter panel. If anyone has one, or knows the part number,
please e-mail Sam at [email protected]

Update: Thanks to Peter from Australia, and 68 S-code GT, we now have a part number to work with,
ASSY C8ZB - 63423B30 - EW DT 1 40-2265 {The 1 after DT is twice the size of all the numbers and letters.}
This appears to be an engineering number, marked on the piece. But we're getting closer!

Steve LaRiviere has been looking for a reasonably priced '71-'72 Mach 1 grille.
If you know the whereabouts of a nice used one, or a sanely priced NOS, e-mail Steve here.

Peter from Australia has a '68 Fastback, and he is looking for the adjusting knob and screw for
the dash clock. He is only after these two items, his clock is perfect. Here's Peter's e-mail address.

Update: Thanks to Zonie, Peter has located the parts he needed! Thanks Zonie! What a great bunch of people we have here!!!

Jeremy {Bibbs68} still can't locate those seat belt clips for the shoulder belts that go above
the driver/passenger doors. He needs at least one for the passenger side, but wouldn't mind having
a matching condition pair. Anything from rough to mint would be great. They are for a '68 coupe.
Jeremy doesn't have the part numbers for them, and if you know those that would help, too.

Update: Thanks to Zonie, Peter from Australia, we have an ID for these parts:

G'day Steve,

Peter from Australia here.  I had a look at my '68 and found the
following numbers, which hopefully will help Jeremy.

Part No. 6260234 - Shoulder Strap Boot
Part No. 382517-S100 - Bolt
Part No. 60228 - Spacer
Part No. 381513-S2 - Nut & Retainer Assembly
Part No. 60236-7 - Shoulder Strap Retainer Assembly

Page 18-44, Figure 21 of the Shop Manual will also help



One step closer, Jeremy!

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