MLariviere's {Mike Lariviere} '72 Gran Torino Sport Project Car

I picked up a '72 Gran Torino Sport. It has in it:
351 Cobra Jet {Q code}, Wide ratio 4 speed {5}, 3.50:1 9" {A} with a nodular case
ps/pdb, black vinyl buckets.

It had the 4V exhaust manifolds and original motorcraft carb {D2ZF AA} in the trunk. The car
is complete except for the battery and exhaust and radio. Price: 0! 35.00 to tow it home.
She's rotted to hell, the motor is stuck but there's lots of good parts. It has a rear sway bar,
a pistol grip shifter from a cuda, tach and a chain link steering wheel! LOL
It has 3 Crusty Cragar S/S's and one dodge magnum type wheel on it that he wants
back in the worst way.

I'm gonna wait till spring to decide what to do with it. While it was on the wheel
lift I got a good look underneath and saw all. The left control arm on the rear end
rotted at the torque box and is completely separated. This dooms the car right there.
Almost all of the body is swiss cheese. TOO BAD. He says it was running when he parked
it and he did so because it used too much gas. It sat buried in a wood pile for 10+ years
and when I first found it the tires were flat, sitting the floors right in the mud.

One minute I thank Ray for giving me the car,and the next I want to hit him in
the forehead with the heel of my left hand an ask ,"WHAT THE !@#$ WERE YOU THINKING!"

Here's Mike's e-mail address.

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