F551's {Fred Senkow}
'68 Mustang Coupe and '86 Mustang GT

We painted the car last spring.

Painter is a friend we race with.

Told him to make it different and that's what he came up with.

Here are some pics with the old paint

Summer of 2000 at Viking International Raceway.
Car started as project for street with a 289/C4. It was an insurance
write-off that a friend who restores Mustangs had in his backyard.
Took two years to convince him that he should sell it to me. Started
fixing it up and drove it at the same time - trans broke - decided
had to get serious about fixing it up! A friend had a magazine article
about putting a 429 in the early Mustang (he also had a 429/C6 for sale)
so I went that route.

Summer of 97 at Viking International Raceway - last year of 460/C6.
The car was not great on the street - hard to cool, hard to start and
hard to steer, so we went racing, and had fun!

12 years later - my brothers have joined me and we work together - hopefully
to win season in our class (I still get to drive). Have never finished lower
than sixth, was right there for first place twice - THAT'S RACING!

The 500.
Car has a 500 CID stroker (645hp @ 6250 / 651 ft/lb @ 4250) - cast crank,
Arias pistons, Eagle Rods, TCI Rattler damper and flex plate. C8 heads with
2.190 I/1.76 E, ported with MPG exhaust port plates. Was Comp Cam 256/266
and .589"/.615" going to a slightly bigger Crane this year. Ported Edelbrock
Victor Intake with 2" spacer and 800 Holley fed by "Blue" pump. Ignition is
homemade crank trigger with "Duraspark" distributor and MSD7AL2. Trans is
Powerglide with transbrake, home made adapter, Hughes 5,000 rpm stall converter
and B&M Prostick. Dedenbear Delay box. Rearend - Strange spool/axles/pinion
support/yoke with 4.30 gears. Front Suspension Moroso springs with CE 3-way
shocks. Rear Suspension factory 5 leaf springs/CalTracs with Rancho 5-way
shocks. 8 point roll cage, subframe connecters and homemade shock tower braces.
Goodyear Frontrunners/Hoosier 12-29on Weld rims. Proudly sponsored by
Steeltown Ford, Parker's Pharmacy and Canada Auto.

ET - 10.64 124 mph, 60' is 1.46 average - There's more in there!

My 86 GT
Bought it in 87. It was a factory rep's car, fully loaded
air/T-Tops/5 speed - completely stock with 160,000 km. My baby,
only reason I have it now - my 6 year old son won't let the wife sell it!

Here's Fred's e-mail address.

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