Capri's {Tony Denysenko} '86 Capri
O/SA Stock Eliminator and '88 Cougar XR-7

This is Tony and Alex, after Tony won his first national event,
at the 1999 IHRA Summernationals in Cordova, Illinois.

A proud moment!

Photo copyright 1999, Auto Imagery Inc.
1986 Mercury Capri 5.0 200 HP Automatic, non air factory with a factory pop up sunroof.
It runs NHRA/IHRA Stock Eliminator falling under O/SA class at 3320lbs.
So far, the best ET out of it has been 12.601 at almost 103.
All on 28x9 tires. 1.60 60ft, and 1/8th mile ET is usually in the 7.80's.
Kuntz and Co. did the 200 hp motor factored to 210 hp 86 model 302 using the factory heads, intake, throttle
body, valve size, Stock lift .432 cam from Comp Cams, stock rockers, Venolia pistons part number 302200.
4.88 Strange gear, spool and axles with c-clip eliminators, JPT C-4 w/ 2.75 low gear. Suspension
is as follows, Lakewood traction bars cut down 4 inches for legality for Class racing and urethane
bushing front lower control arms, 90/10 Lakewood front struts, Koni single adjustable rear shocks.

Here is Tony's '88 Cougar XR-7 daily driver.

Here is Tony's e-mail address aadstk@webtv

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