Allen's {Allen Zubatkin} '66 Mustang GT Fastback

I have owned it about a year. It is pretty much all 'original,' except the battery.
I show it very occasionally (it has placed in every show), but my real joy is just to drive it.

A little bit of history: It was delivered to a dealership in Kansas City, Kansas in Oct of '65 to a high school student. Since then it has been thru 5 states and 15 owners. It has been restored twice as far as I can tell. It is not a concours class car, but it is pretty close (just a little bias).

It is a Raven black, black standard interior, factory GT; equipped with a 4 speed, A/C, AM radio, power steering, rally pac, engine dress up kit, 3.00 rear end, A-code engine, front discs, and a HiPo exhaust manifold.

There is absolutely no rust on it, and I do not drive it in the winter or rain.
My intent is to keep it as original as possible.

Here's Allen's e-mail address.

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