'99 Fun Ford Weekend At New England Dragway
as photographed by Mike, Pam, and Steve LaRiviere
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It was a fine showing on the strip, too. We got to see a lot of fast Fords!

This is where I like to hang at the strip. I love feeling the thunder go by!

Hey Kaylin, this shot's for you!

Hey, buddy! What's up with the black bumper?

Pintos make great race cars, too!

This should be captioned: When it comes to fast cars,
it's as clear as black and white --- Get a Mustang!

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

I took this photo because this looks like the kind of toy I'd like to have next.

Just your basic 460 powered, 12.4 second early-eighties Ford F-150 4x4 Pick-up.

How would you like to look out the windsheild of your 'vette and see this?

Whenever I see a Ford powered chevy, I always wonder: why do they want the chevy part?

Did you ever notice how sometimes the nicest vehicles at a show are sometimes
out in the parking lot? This early seventies F-100 was cool! I love the way it sits!

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