69maverick's {Jim Bowden} '70 Maverick

It's a very early Canada made model. It originally had the 200 I6
with the auto option! BTW, that was the only option you could get!!
The lady that bought it in April 1969 Was Mrs. Smith of Middletown, Ct.

She loved this car so much that she called it her blue baby! She owned
it until she passed away in 1990. She left it to her son who had taken
care of it for her since it was new!! It never went out in the winter
at all. I have all the records that her son kept on it everytime he put
it away for the winter and took it out in the spring! Right down to what
the RPMS where at each time! This car never went back to the dealer for
anything other than regular preventative maintenance.

The son sold it to my son in 1997, then a week later my son found
a '68 mustang that stole his eye, so he sold it to me!

It has a 302, Performer 289 Intake, Holley 4bbl. and a C-4 auto tranny and
the rearend out of a 73 Comet! With front disks from a 76 Mav. The
seats are from a '86 Monte Carlo. {theres a lot of them in the JUNK yard!!}

It also has Grabber parts from a '72 drag car that went to fiberglass parts.

Here's Jim's e-mail address.

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