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Joyce writes;
Below is information and pictures of some of our cars. This one is my husband's, Mike. I don't have good pics of all of our other cars. I'm actually the one who registered with the forum, rest of family isn't addicted to the web like I am. I'll send pics of our other cars as we get good ones taken.

1966 GT K-code, Hi-Po Convertible

Dark metallic green, sometimes referred to as Ivy Green, exterior. Four speed Top Loader transmission, 8000 rpm tach and clock Rally Pac, Ivy Gold Pony interior, Console, AM radio/8-track tape player (factory) 10 disk CD player in trunk operated by remote through Sony AM/FM cassette player mounted in glove box, a pair of JBL speakers in back seat and easily removable for shows. Power top, black, Shelby Cobra intake and carburetor, Styled Steel wheels, Luggage rack.

1966 C-code, Playboy Coupe

1966 coupe, C-code, but now 4 bbl.
Original special order playboy pink color (paint code blank)
Automatic transmission
Air conditioning
Power Steering
Style steel wheels
Pony interior, dark red and white
Mustang AM/FM cassette stereo
GT type stripes
GT exhaust trumpets
PINKIE was purchased from a junk yard in 1991. The car had been stripped as a parts car during the restoration of the previous owner's convertible. No drive train or interior remained. Rust was present in all, and even more, of the usual places. Additionally, the title was unavailable. The only reason she was rescued from the junk yard was because she was pink. Next she spent several years in the back yard while we decided just what to do with her and scraped together money to begin the project.
In 1993, body work was done and the car was painted, but then sat in the backyard a few more years. In 1997, it was painted again and a 289 engine was salvaged from a donor car. By the end of 1997, she had a running engine, and new interior.
During this time, through the DMV, the previous registered owners were located in Idaho. Through a series of frustrating phone calls and registered letters, we finally obtained a title. In 1999, we decided to upgrade her even further and she underwent additional body repairs and another paint job. This time base coat/clear coat with a touch of pearl was used and red GT-type stripes were added. Now we just have to educate everyone that she came from Playboy and not Mary Kay!

1997 GT Coupe

1997 GT coupe
"Daily Driver"
Deep Violet Clearcoat Metallic
Purchased new April 9, 1997
Black leather interior
Five speed manual
Mach 460 stereo, AM/FM cassette and CD players
All power options - windows, locks, driver's seat, cruise
Air conditioning
Rear spoiler
Anti-lock brakes
Optional ratio axle
History: Passionate about purple and Mustangs, this is the perfect combination to fulfill my wish list. The night the car was purchased, after a little cruise, my husband, Mike, said "Go to sleep and dream of sugarplum Mustangs." The name "SGRPLUM" stuck. No plans at the present time for any modifications.

Not shown, are;

*1966 coupe, dark teal (non-original color), aqua and white pony interior, belongs to my son, Mike, Jr. (was restored from shell by he and his dad)

*1965 convertible, K-code. Project car will eventually be our concours trailered show car, Vintage burgundy with white standard interior, black carpet and dash pad.

*1985 LX 5.0 coupe, Mike Jr's daily driver. Not a special service car, but equipped like one. Have been told and books say it is fairly rare.

*1993 GT hatchback, black, belongs to daughter Heather, bought only about a month ago. License plate is NYTMARE.

When the 97 is paid for, the next car will be a 1970 Mach 1, sometime before 2001.

Here's Joyce&Mike's e-mail address.

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