1970_351_FB's {Adam E Taylor} '70 Mustang Fastback

It's a 70 fastback I bought it with another parts car that was a 69, so I got two hoods, two sets of fenders, two sets of doors... Those side scoops were put on by the previous owner from the stack of 69 parts. These are 'before' photos. The entire frame has been replaced with something we made up one week 1/2 by 3 inch channel bar. (Next Set of Photos) The inside fender aprons have been replaced (Next Set of Photos). One piece floor pans are installed, (NSP) and heads have been cleaned, port work done, valves reseated (NSP).

My Project begins with removing everything, later on this day the engine came out. It is a 351 Cleveland 2V with a C6 transmission. Previous owners had performed body work with Fiberglass, bondo, metal, Spray foam insulation, Tar, a old stop sign, silicone ... It took several days to clean up enough to begin work. The rear quarters & roof were good so we sanded them to bare & then painted them with epoxy primer

These floors are now removed and replaced with one piece pans and new seat risers. I'm looking for a 8 track Am/Fm radio for the dash. (I guess the previous owner kept it) The interior I removed is the Grande package Black with red trim. The Front Fenders & interior looked good, so they have been removed & put in storage until next summer. There were four separate levels of floor. 2 patches on top and one underneath the original

The car was factory yellow, then painted over white, the black you see is tar from some Einstein who heaped it on a quarter inch thick. Many hours with a wire wheel later, this is the result.

In the orignal photos you can see the tire through the passenger side floor/wheelwell. I took these photos so I can compare them to the finished job. Any/every spot of rust is cut out and replaced with new metal.

My '80 Mustang Fastback

It's a '80 hatchback with sunroof, an inline 6 (200cc), C4 tranny, and 3.73 rear end. I bought it to save it from the crusher, when the previous owner didn't want it any more. The driver side rear quarter window was kicked out, there was no radio and there were no seats in it. The floors needed a little bit of metal, a new tail fin on the hatchback, new brake light lenses, a weeks body work and a set of Firestone SS10 tires and it was road worthy (sort of).

Coming Soon, My '96 F-150 4x4

If I can find my camera.. Trucks are supposed to have dents.........right?

Maybe even pictures of My Ford Ski-Doo ????

Here's Adam's e-mail address.

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