svt522's {Kevin Ames} '67 F100

I just had my '67 F100 sprayed by MAACO. I've spent the last year
doing prep work on the body and changing the driveline. The paint
job came out AWESOME! Of course the key was the prep work that I did.

The engine has been changed from a 351C/C6 combo (hated the gas mileage
and the good parts are going in my '73 Stang) to the following:

85 5.0 roller block
Duraspark ignition w/steel gear
Edelbrock Performer
1850 Holley
1.5" Headers w/2.5" 40 series Flowmasters
Ford Motorsport cam
.030" Hypereutectic pistons
Clevite 77 rods and mains
88 F150 5-Speed tranny
86 F150 164 tooth flywheel
88 F150 Hydraulic clutch setup
67 9" with 4.11s and Detroit Locker

Here's Kevin's e-mail address.

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