sprcoop's {Jerry Cooper} '66 Mustang Coupe

The car started life as a sky blue 66' coupe with blue interior. By the time I got it there were 8 coats of blue (I know because I took them all off) and a topcoat of white and the interior metal had been rattle canned black that was peeling. The passenger side had been T boned and hacked into some semblence of a straight car. After 1000 hours (they don't call it body "work" for nothing) it is now 66' Candyapple Red with gloss black interior metal. When I put the 9" rearend, new springs, sway bars and KYB shocks all the way around I ditched the stock 66' wheel covers and went with 15X8 Styled steel wheels with 205-15-60 TA's up front and 225-15-60 TA's in the back. It corners like it's on rails. The weak spot is the worn out 2 barrel 302 with the C4. Working on a 300+ HP 302 with a toploader with help from mustangsandmore. Then it will go like it looks!

Here's Jerry's e-mail address.

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