RADRIDE's '65 Mustang fastback

The car is an original 6 cylinder, but has gone through many changes.
It all starts with 11:1 forged flat top pistons. The block was decked, line bored and bored .040",
and everything was balanced. Solid lifter CompCam 294 ,560 lift .244 @.050 duration.
Just put AFR-185 aluminum heads, Edelbrock Air-Gap manifold, and Hooker
Super Comp headers, and yes a Carter AFB 750 w/mechanical secondaries.
Power goes through a T-5 with 10.5 Ram kevlar pedal clutch w/ Granada 9in. disc rear w/ 4:11 locker.
Stainless steel front disc w/turbo slot rotors get me at least slowed down when I overrun a corner.

Inside is stock 65 buckets w/R-model roll-bar, a '66 shelf ( I spent a lot of effort getting weight out,
did not want spare tire in car.) No radio, speakers, or anything else that didn't make car faster, or safer.
Outside a 3 inch cowl fiberglass hood, and R-model front valance, and bullet type mirrors.
16x8 vintage 45 wheels help complete the look. Painted original Twilight tourquise w/ silver stripes.
I've taken this car from nice driver to fake GT to the point it is now myself with help from friends,
except for $500 MAACO paint job I won at MCT car show.

I've had car since 87 and plan on some vintage racing before I'm done.
I run Flow tech Warlock mufflers, they sound better than anything else I've heard and unplug easy for track fun.

Here's RADRIDE's e-mail address.

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