Mustang68mustangs' {Bob Siwik} '68 Mustang

Its a '68 coupe J code 302 4v orignal GT car. I dropped the 466 in front of a TCI C-6 that goes
back to a 9" with 3:89 gears. The engine is a 466 ported and polished iron heads solid Ultradyne roller.
560 horses and lots of grunt. Very streetable in my opinion also. Havent had it to the track yet but
will be there this summer. 8 point cage also going in very soon. The scoop does somewhat kill the
sleeper look but so does the 3 1/2" exhaust tone! I plan to get started on the body also but I'm
having too much fun driving it now. Its gonna be silver when I'm done.

Here's Bob's e-mail address.

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